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what to do during cialis overdose?
it is a fact that not everyone on the planet earth has good intentions where you are concerned. it is reported on news sources on regular basis about people who end up being overdosed with cialis or other drugs of similar nature. in other instances, men end up taking too much cialis than their bodies can handle hence being affected negatively. this is a problem that is not restricted solely to cialis but all other dugs used to treat various ailments as well as physical and medical conditions. there are instances when people end up abusing or getting addicted to this drug that they make love without it.
now that we have established that cialis overdose is a reality and not just a myth, it is time to consider the possible actions that the affected person can pursue. one of the best courses of action to take immediately you suspect a case of cialis overdose is to contact the nearest emergency room.

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start by calling 911 to inform them of what has happened and wait for their help. the poison control center can also be called and asked for help regarding the possible case of cialis overdose. if you suspect that someone has done this to you, it would not be wrong to drive yourself to the nearest health clinic.
if you are strong and conscious enough, you can drive yourself or call for a cab to take you to the nearest health clinic. the key is to try and avoid wasting time while not panicking. irrespective of the course of action you take where you suspect cialis overdose, you should pursue it to the logical conclusion without panicking. if you were to panic, this would present further challenges which you might be unable to rectify or deal with. where the doctor prescribed this medication to you, it is important that you use it without sharing it with anyone else.

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you could end up with a health emergency you ready for.
cialis should always be taken as per the instructions given to you by your doctor. if for any reason you forgot or missed a particular dose, take it the moment you remember. however, when you remember it just when you are due to take the next dose, you can forego the one you missed and resume the next dose. make a note of the date and time when you missed a dose and inform your doctor the next time you go back to see him for evaluation and further consultation. the mistake you need to avoid is to fall into the temptation of doubling the dose simply because you want to catch up and not fall too far behind.
cialis should always be stored away from light or too much moisture. it should be kept far away from pets and children.

keep it away from the bathrooms unless you leave in the house alone. however, even if you choose to store it in the bathroom, you should ensure that it doesn't come into contact with water in any way. you should never pour this drug down the drain. if you want to dispose of the drug, read its label or ask your doctor or the local waste disposal firm or visit us.